Eleven years of focus on production, only to create a more perfect and advanced automatic filling machine equipment, adhere to professional people do professional things to be China's own fully automated blood dialyzer assembly line of equipment suppliers.
  • Hemodialyzer Assembly Line

    Hemodialyzer Assembly LineCapacity allocation:Hemodialyzer assembly line: an annual ou...

  • Production Line of Irrigator Assembly

    Production Line of Irrigator A...Closed spinning equipment selection form:Scope of applicatio...

  • Hollow Fiber Membrane Production Line

    Hollow Fiber Membrane Producti...Capacity allocation:Hollow fiber spinning production line: 3...


About us

Chengdu Heda Automation Equipment co., LTD. Is the predecessor of chengdu planetary automation equipment co., LTD., chengdu precision machinery factory. Was founded in 2007, is a collection of Pill filling machine, Liquid filling machine, liquid filling machine, automatic filling machine research and development, production, sales for the integration of science and technology enterprises, our company in all kinds of automation equipment has obtained national invention patent.

Company after years of development, has formed in the micro gear reducer, power configuration, non-standard custom as a starting point, and gradually transition to full automatic particle pill machine, blood dialyzer......


We have perfect after-sales service, the company's quality policy, strict process control, continuous innovation and innovation, manufacturing high quality products and pursuing perfect service.


The micro gear reducer, dynamic configuration and non standard custom are the starting point, and gradually transition to the development, production and sale of complete automatic hollow fiber membrane spinning machine equipment, which is the full automatic hollow fiber membrane spinning machine equipment with full automatic particle pill filling machine and blood dialyzer assembly line equipment.
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