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Be honest! The filling and packing process of the filling machine production line is greatly shocked

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Be honest! The filling and packing process of the filling machine production line is greatly shocked

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Be honest! The filling process of the filling machine production line is greatly shocked.

Packaging is in full swing in the market, and the filling machine production line has added a lot of goods that were not previously available in the market. By saving labor and increasing production efficiency, the circulation of these commodities increased the prosperity of the market and accelerated the growth of the social economy. The production line of the filling machine has been paid more and more attention in the market, although it is much more expensive than a single filling machine, but its production efficiency is fast, and the time of return is fast. With the continuous improvement of the system in the market, the filling machine production line has become more and more extensive. For example, liquid, paste, solid and so on can promote the growth of market economy in more ways.

Liquid filling machine

Today, the bottom of the confession of the filling machine production line filling process of the big shock.

The process of filling liquid filling machine production line is as follows:

Filling process: manual to the barrel, press [start] button to insert the barrel into the barrel automatically, automatically go to the tare weight, automatic double speed filling, complete automatic lifting, error detection and detection, and manually lower the drum cover.

Packing process: an empty bottle boxes stacked on the pallet, the conveyor belt to unload tray machine, remove the tray one by one, the box with the conveyor belt to discharge machine, remove empty bottles from the box, empty the conveyor belt to the washing machine, the clean, and then transported to packing machine, so that you could take the bottle containing liquid loading. The empty bottle removed from the unloading machine is sent to the bottle washing machine for disinfection and cleaning by another conveyor belt. After the inspection by the bottle inspection machine, it meets the cleaning standard and enters the filling machine and the capping machine. The liquid is bottled by a filling machine. The bottle with the liquid is sealed and sent to the labeling machine by the sealing machine, and then it is sent to the packing machine into the container and sent to the warehouse on the pallet.

Now filling machine production line will be more can meet the demand of enterprise production, operation more convenient, humanized design and efficient work mode, also can let more people to accept its form, it will attract more people, across the current packaging machine market, automatic and intelligent production line has become mainstream, it will also contribute to the power of the development of automatic packing machine to main, the future will also become the dominant industry in the market.

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