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The pill filling machine used to squeeze the head is so powerful

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The pill filling machine used to squeeze the head is so powerful

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Today, with the rapid economic development, single equipment is far from enough to meet the demand of the market. In the demand of the market, the pill filling machine came into being, and it was the icing on the cake. The development of the technology age brings us to the surprise of the development of more technology. This pill filling machine is a good example.

Pill filling machine

The development of pill filling machine has let us find our own development space, and also let us give us more development surprises and opportunities in the process of development. Find out the advantages of this pill filling machine:

1. The pill filling machine adopts plunger type metering pump to perform filling, with high precision; The structure of the pump adopts quick-connect disassembly mechanism for easy cleaning and disinfection.

2. Siemens PLC control system, color touch screen display.

3. The machine has the function of bottle filling and automatic counting.

4. The filling needle is provided with a drip proof device.

5. When filling, the filling head is submerged in the bottom of the bottle, slowly rising, which can effectively prevent air bubbles.

6. Made of SUS304 and 316L stainless steel, which is fully compliant with GMP requirements.

With these six performance advantages, pill filling machine in the market is a little too popular. Of course, facing the increasing competition in packaging machinery industry, our pill filling machine will continue to innovate and upgrade, and strive to have more powerful functions to serve the packaging industry.

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