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Maintenance and maintenance of filling machine

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Maintenance and maintenance of filling machine

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The filling machine also ACTS like a human, and if you work long hours without supplementing energy or without proper rest, you will fail. Therefore, it is necessary for them to have high efficiency and long service life. It is necessary to maintain and maintain the filling equipment regularly. There are a few caveats, you must know.

The first is to remove the gas source and power supply to ensure the safety of the machine before the semi-automatic filling machine is removed. Second, do not flush the machine directly, or it will damage the mechanical electrical parts. Third, the surface of the filling machine can not be scraped with a sharp sharp instrument, which can easily affect the use of the fuselage oxidation. The fourth cleaning must be thoroughly checked and maintained by the inside and outside to avoid foreign bodies falling in. At the same time, insist on regular maintenance and debugging of the filling machine.

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Filling machine maintenance

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