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How to stand out in the market competition of fully automatic filling machine?

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How to stand out in the market competition of fully automatic filling machine?

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The filling machine can be divided into liquid filling machine, paste filling machine, powder filling machine and particle filling machine. The automation of production is divided into semi-automatic filling machine and automatic filling production line. In recent years, with the rapid development of the food and drug industry, the quality and packaging requirements of the products have become more and more high, so the new type of filling machine is prominent in the market.

In the pharmaceutical industry, the filling machine is the core equipment in the filling process. The quality of filling quality directly affects the quality and production efficiency of the whole production line. At present, under the conditions of rapid development of pharmaceutical industry, the demand of pharmaceutical enterprises and market for filling machine equipment is increasing. For drug companies, creating more profit is the goal. Therefore, many pharmaceutical companies have to ensure that the filling machine production line in the production line is running well, and there will be no errors or faults, and the requirements for the filling machine are getting higher and higher.

Among them, automation is a big factor that the market and pharmaceutical enterprise measure the level of filling machine, the quality is also the important factor that cannot be ignored. , the author, according to the current state of pharmaceutical packaging requirements, more and more drug firms to avoid secondary pollution of the drug, can choose higher quality, more advanced filling machine for drug packaging, which to a certain extent, eliminate the low-end, low technology of filling machine, the industry concentration degree enhances unceasingly.

Secondly, user demand is also an important point in the process of upgrading the filling machine. China is already the second largest pharmaceutical market in the world, and the demand for pharmaceutical products is still on the rise. Therefore, in order to better meet the needs of people and market of automatic filling machine, automatic filling machine enterprises should eliminate low quality, low level of equipment, high-end technology supporting facilities, improve production efficiency.

Innovation is also the constant theme of every industry. At present, the market competition of the filling machine is increasingly fierce, and the traditional filling machine is saturated. Only by breaking through the innovation and improving the performance and technology of the equipment, the layout of "people without me" and "people have my advantages" can ensure that the pharmaceutical companies are invincible in the market.

Shanghai SAN, for example, in pursuit of technology and product innovation, long-term hire German engineers and Shanghai light industry design institute of senior experts and professors of product design and guidance, and has introduced advanced technology at home and abroad, constantly to perfect products and innovation. At present, Shanghai shengjia occupies a large market share in the fully automatic filling machine market, and it is believed that with the investment in innovation, the field of the filling machine will also have a qualitative leap.

Step changsha source pharmaceutical of fully automatic liquid filling machine applicable to the pharmaceutical factory small doses of tincture of water, sugar filling and rolling process, the machine can complete unscramble bottle, bottle, quantitative filling, cover, cover, rolling process, all parts in contact with the drugs are made of 304 l stainless steel or PTFE has no bottle no filling, and other functions. It is suitable for the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, beverage and other industrial sectors to carry out automatic feeding, pouring, sealing, locking and releasing of liquid, liquid and chemical reagents.

It is worth mentioning that in the food and drug industry developing rapidly, filling machine market competition is intense, filling equipment manufacturing enterprises more reasonable in the price of automatic filling machine, in order to better and customers realize a win-win situation.

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