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Edible oil filling machine provides strong support for the development of edible oil industry

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Edible oil filling machine provides strong support for the development of edible oil industry

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Edible oil filling machine adopts the measuring method of the elliptical gear flowmeter which is used to measure filling of edible oil. Main components: the central processing system, the operation control system, the flow measurement system, count sensor system, tracking system, temperature measurement conversion system, pneumatic control system, pneumatic system, automatic transmission system, automatic capping system, main frame. Cooking oil filling machine every link is indispensable, also is a purchase parameter.

Cooking oil filling machine mainly in research and development in oil production enterprises filling machinery, mainly for the peanut oil, soybean oil, olive oil, blend oil, salad oil, chili oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil and so on the safety of the different oil filling. Cooking oil filling machine in the low price of cooking oil, more prominent advantages, the protection of oil products quality safety issues. The oil filling machine is mainly used to fill barrel oil products, fully and strictly grease safety problems, enhance the appearance of oil and grease, and fight grease security. Cooking oil filling machine can not only provide the market with high quality trust of cooking oil, also can realize manual operation in the process of production and flexible configuration of unmanned operation, will be packed edible oil in small bucket or small bottle packaging, is the ideal packaging automatic oil production equipment.

1. Five working modes of edible oil filling machine:

Continuous mode: select this mode, the machine will continue to run, and need to manually stop the switch.

Time mode: set the time and stop time of good luck in cooking oil filling machine, such as stop two seconds after running for 5 seconds.

Copy mode: in the case of no meter, set the amount of liquid you need in the machine, and the machine will meet your requirements according to the setting.

Quantitative mode: the amount of liquid needed to be entered in the setting, such as 5ml, will be 5ml.

Plan mode: the cooking oil filler can set the working time according to your own time. When the machine is on, it will run automatically.

Ii. Principle and characteristics of edible oil filling machine:

A, edible oil filling machine can improve the design on the basis of foreign similar products, and add some additional functions.

B. Make the product more simple and convenient in terms of operation, accuracy error, installation adjustment, equipment cleaning, maintenance and so on.

C, edible oil filling machine design compact and reasonable, the shape is simple and beautiful, the filling quantity adjustment is convenient.

D. The machine has six filling heads, which are driven by six cylinders and the filling materials are more accurate.

E, the pneumatic components of Germany FESTO, AirTac in Taiwan and electronic control components of Taiwan daida are stable.

F. Material contact parts are made of 316L stainless steel.

G, edible oil filling machine adopts Korean optical eye device, Taiwan PLC, touch screen, frequency converter and French electrical components.

H, easy to adjust, no bottle not filling, filling quantity accurate and have counting function.

I, edible oil filling machine adopts the filling and lifting system of anti-drip and drawing, the filling and lifting system of anti-foam products, and the positioning system and liquid level control system for the positioning of the bottle mouth.

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