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The advantages of edible oil filling machine are obviously designed to highlight the professional quality

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The advantages of edible oil filling machine are obviously designed to highlight the professional quality

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Cooking oil filling machine measurement meter with high precision numerical control instrument combining with microelectronics, filling accuracy is quite high, also can be convenient for filling capacity, stepless mediation is intuitive, the operation is very simple. The filling head of edible oil filling machine can adjust the spacing and height at any time in a certain range, and can be filled with various sizes and shapes. The conveyor belt is automatically controlled by the program controller, and the edible oil filling machine adopts the adjustable speed linear step into the working mode, and the degree of automation is quite high. In addition, most of the parts inside and outside the fuselage are made of high quality stainless steel, which is durable and hygienic, with reliable and stable working performance for a long time. Infrared automatic induction type capping machine accelerates the packaging speed of finished products.

1. Performance advantages of edible oil filling machine:

1, can automatically complete the quantification of the different types of bottles, bottles of automatic filling, automatic, edible oil filling machine widely used in bottled olive oil, walnut oil, tea, such as quantitative filling under 1000 ml, to prevent drip, prevent wire filling cocks, antifoam products filling lifting system to ensure that the bottle positioning system and the liquid level control system of the accurate positioning.

2. Adjustable in the range of filling and convenient for adjustment; It is suitable for all kinds of filling, filling accuracy servo motor drive high, easy to adjust, can realize multiple filling.

3, PLC, touch screen operation more intuitive, convenient operation, strong anti-jamming capability, edible oil filling machine can make stable operation under different environmental stresses, fills a widely applicable 100 ml to 1000 ml fill a variety of specifications, a device is complete, the biggest purchase cost savings for customers.

4. This device is no bottle and no filling, the filling quantity is accurate and has the counting function, the operation, the installation capacity adjustment, the equipment cleaning, the maintenance of simple and convenient other aspects.

5. The whole multi-point detection, without the bottle, the import and export are blocked, positioning, the bottle dump automatically closes. Cooking oil filling machine support automatic screw cap machine, labeling machine, platform, inkjet printers, and order automatic packing machine, automatic packing machine, automatic sealing machine, full of the whole production line for the customer packaging requirements of the perfect solution.

6. The company can design and install the layout of the whole production line and the nitrogen pipe, adjust the air duct, the material handling pipe can be customized according to the customer's requirements, and can make stainless steel storage tanks for customers.

Ii. Design principle of main components of edible oil filling machine:

(1) when the mix of CAM design, to make a design of strong adaptability, edible oil filling machine key using computer aided design in the design of CAM curve, realize the flexible design and production.

(2) its vacuum system is composed of vacuum pump, air filtration device and electrical control system, which directly improves the filling speed and precision. The imported vacuum pump is used to ensure the reliability of the vacuum system, and the production efficiency can be reached to 60 to 100 bottles.

(3) in the design of the drug supply control system, the oil filling machine adopts the combination of electronic control and automatic control to control the supply of the liquid, and provides a stable liquid for the filling head.

(4) in the design and selection of the transmission system, the shaft and chain wheel of the transmission system are made of high-quality stainless steel and carbon steel, and the carbon steel is treated by heat treatment and chromium plating, which meets the special requirements of the pharmaceutical industry for materials.

(5) edible oil filling machine fully considers lubrication and sealing, and the parts should be used for general use and standardization.

3. Maintenance and maintenance of edible oil filling machine:

1, keep the machine dry, regular maintenance inspection, regular cleaning filling machine parts in cooking oil filling machine, such as gas water separator filter and save water, mineral oil filter element must be, and then use compressed air to blow dry.

2. Always check the oil in the refueling fog to maintain a 1/3 of the cup, and replace the sealing ring on the piston of the filling machine and the lower end of the discharging cylinder.

3. Avoid sharp scratches on the machine when cleaning the filling machine. If there is any pollution, please wipe it with alcohol; Keep the fuselage stainless steel clean, the equipment's one-way valve, stainless steel tee, the cylinder must be unwashed regularly.

4, in strict accordance with the instructions to complete the operation, edible oil filling machine shall not be arbitrarily remove important components, filling precision, such as when the factory has good lubricating oil cylinder, please don't live in a cylinder or add any lubricating oil.

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