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The principle structure and operation precautions of the can filling machine

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The principle structure and operation precautions of the can filling machine

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Cans of filling machine manufacturer main function is to achieve mechanical parts handling work, should be placed in a variety of different production line or logistics line, make the parts and convenient handling, transport of goods more.

The working principle and structural features of the manufacturer of the can filling machine:

The design of the can filling machine is reasonable, the model is compact, the operation is convenient. The piston and cylinder body of the cylinder are made of ptfe and stainless steel and meet GMP requirements. The filling quantity and filling speed can be adjusted arbitrarily with high precision; The filling head is used to prevent dripping, wire drawing and lifting and filling device; The machine can be converted into long, explosion-proof and overflow filling system according to customer's requirement.

Operation instructions and order of the manufacturer of the can filling machine:

1. Put the poured liquid bottle upside down on the work blue, and check that the bottom of the liquid bottle should be aligned.

2. Place the work blue in the vacuum tank, cover and tighten the lid quickly.

3. Close the vent valve, enter the valve, open the vacuum pump, adjust the vacuum control valve to make the vacuum degree meet the requirements of the process, and step on the foot to insert the liquid into the mouth of the liquid bottle.

4. Slowly open the inlet valve, when the liquid level in the tank rises, and open the vent valve to reduce the liquid level, and the liquid is pressed into the liquid bottle from the tank. Adjust the two valves properly to keep the liquid level between the liquid level specified in the mirror.

5. When the vacuum gauge pointer is in 0 state, it is proved that the irrigation liquid has been completed and the feet are returned to the feet, which can be opened quickly to remove the filled liquid bottle. The vacuum pump has been troubleshoot, the vacuum pump has not been used for a long time, the used oil in the pump should be cleaned, and the new oil should be washed and replaced to prevent the water in the oil to corrode the pump body.

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