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Edible oil filling machine has wide application scope and promising prospect

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Edible oil filling machine has wide application scope and promising prospect

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Cooking oil filling machine integrating light, machine, electricity, gas, quantitative, accurate, high filling precision, simple operation, easy maintenance, edible oil filling machine using high-quality SUS304 stainless steel manufacturing, conform to the hygienic requirements. Filling process isolation with the outside world, to ensure filling the sanitary requirements, electric control USES Germany Siemens PLC, electrical components, such as France was resistant to precisely control the pneumatic actuators to complete the filling process, equipment filling velocity is: how fast a two-speed filling, filling speed is adjustable, prevent overflow bottle phenomenon. The filling principle can be filled with pressure type, without the need to fill the high tank, simplify the installation process and improve the filling efficiency. Edible oil filling machine can be widely used in the automatic packaging production of oil, pepper and olive oil.

1. Principle of edible oil filling machine

Cooking oil filling machine the equipment setting parameters of the microcomputer, the bottle through the transmission lines, conveyor to filling machine bottle through dial bottle device, to tray, tray, filling up the head, start filling, after filling, through dial bottle device, bottle into the transmission line.

2. Application scope of edible oil filling machine:

This machine is a flowmeter type power filling machine, which is suitable for quantitative filling of high viscosity liquid such as vegetable oil, lubricating oil and chemical industry. Specifications and filling amount is adjustable, in the process of vacuum suction device can ensure production back not drip nozzle, double speed (slow) after fast first filling, flow velocity can be adjusted freely, put an end to the liquid foam spillover, start the pedal switch, landed the nozzle, automatic filling, raised a complete, easy and quick operation.

3. Characteristics of edible oil filling machine:

The device has two methods: electric uniform volume and single filling valve, which can measure accurately. In addition, the device will remove the bottle device, and then it will be a semi-automatic filling machine. The device can be removed or replaced according to the actual demand.

Iv. Main functions of edible oil filling machine:

Automatic transmission, positioning, automatic filling, bucket protection, intelligent error correction, Chinese display and alarm information system features:

Chinese display: 7-inch all-chinese color LCD screen, full-length chinese-guided operation;

Intelligent efficient: weighing platform without barrel filling, differential pressure type zero differential bucket of protection, automatic peeling and automatic detection start filling, intelligent fool proof, fault detection, such as cooking oil filling machine can realize single operation filling and capping at the same time professional irrigation gun: technology from Germany, five layer seals professional design, to ensure that the filling is completed without dripping phenomenon;

Convenient operation: adjustable packaging bucket positioning tank, fast and accurate positioning; Automatic detection of barrel positioning, automatic start filling; The height of the gun can be adjusted 130mm, which can be used for different specifications.

Function switching: net weight/gross weight, automatic/manual switching mode; Fast: configuration size of ball valve group and double period of filling and gun, large, medium and small, trace four design, eradicate completely the influence of the incoming flow velocity on the filling precision, accuracy and filling speed of leading industry;

Configuration: import original Japan mitsubishi PLC, France schneider, Japan OMRON relay switch, Taiwan DONGYU group size ball valve/American actuators, the DE kind cylinder, Taiwan GSS LCD screen, ensure that the overall performance of stable, fast, accurate and durable;

Explosion-proof protection: whole cast aluminum insulation level electric control box of edible oil filling machine, explosion-proof grade Exd II BT5, protection grade IP67(optional)

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