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The coating and icing of the pellet machine

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The coating and icing of the pellet machine

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  The traditional Chinese medicine pill machine can not only make a smooth and uniform traditional Chinese medicine ball, but also the user can add the coating without color according to their own needs. So when should we put the coating on the ball, and what types of meatballs do not need to increase the coating? This is the most basic knowledge of making pills.

Pill filling machine

  When making pills, traditional Chinese medicine pills should choose whether to increase the coating according to the characteristics of pills. So here we have to understand what the coating does. The coating is actually a layer of objects wrapped around the surface of the pill. It can be a sugar coating or sugar coating. The reason is because we use coating on the consumption of drugs, in order to control the location of the drugs to digest, or to stop some comparative quickly melt in your mouth, bitter drugs or controlled drug release rate, or to moisture barrier, isolating the moisture air and so on reasons, to increase the sustainability of drugs, will choose to use a coating.

  And have the same situation of liquids, such as medicine is too bitter, in the use of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) pellet mechanism make pills, can press the function of the coating, then made pills will put on colorful "appearance". Some drugs, of course, is the need to quickly absorb, so this time, is not suitable for use coating, in the use of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) pellet machine, want to know when to use coating, when should not be used.

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