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Failure maintenance of tablet press

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Failure maintenance of tablet press

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   Sheet stamping machine in use process to avoid problems, check carefully after problems, find out the causes and tablet press, timely treatment, the following will illustrate some common problems and treatment methods of machine are:

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One, cannot boot up.

First check the protection device, such as lubrication protection, pressure overload protection, doors and Windows security protection, main motor overload protection, charging motor overload protection, one by one, such as can't boot to find a professional electrical inspection line, find the reason to solve.

two. Abnormal sound of equipment vibration.

The reason:

1. The synchronous belt is too tight or too loose, and the adjustment is moderate;

2. The electric motor and the mechanical transmission part produce periodic resonance, which is to avoid the rotation speed of the vibration section;

3. Long term use causes large gap between transmission parts and looseness of the machine parts, so as to adjust the gap and tighten the machine parts;

4. The granule powder is more and more viscous, resulting in thrust and adjustment of particle solution;

5. The shaft and bearing are short of oil and wear, and should be inspected regularly and replaced.

6. The main worm gear box is short of oil, wear, produce noise, and replace lubricating oil regularly;

7. The pressure on both sides of the double pressure press is uneven and the adjustment is consistent.

three. Rail guide and impact rod wear.

Regular oil injection, guaranteed rail lubrication, damaged light repair, serious replacement.

4. The film is unstable and extremely poor.

1. The undershoot length varies, causing the super difference, repairing and replacing the new charge;

2. The grain is hard, the size is uneven, there are foreign bodies, the powder is much, the liquidity is poor, the humidity is large, and the grain is remanufactured.

3. The backfill rail is badly worn, and it has a large momentum, super difference and new replacement;

4. The forced feeding speed does not match the rotary table speed and adjust the match;

5. The plug is not consistent with severe or damped elastic, cleaning the mold, punching and damping.

5. Tablet lobes and stratification.

1. More powder, less adhesive force, less powder and more adhesive;

2. Small moisture content of grain, increasing humidity;

3. Great pressure and reduced pressure.

six. Glue and debris.

1. The granule has a large viscosity and less mold release agent, which can increase the mold release agent or apply a mold release agent to the mold before production;

2. Large particle humidity and adjusting particle;

3. High humidity and high temperature to reduce indoor humidity and temperature;

4. Loosen the platform and tighten the turntable;

5. Severe wear and tear on the turntable, repair or replace the new turntable;

6. Lower blanking, not enough to make the film, replace the new charge or pad;

7. The surface of the film is damaged, the finish is low, and the mould is replaced or repaired.

Equipment in use process could also could meet different problems, such as counter bad, tachometer failures, failures, etc., various problems, all in all to normal operation to produce high quality tablets, the first thing to make good particles, can be compressed, and the decompression machine, parts, guarantee the equipment clean, gear lubrication, accomplish know fairly well, to find the cause of the problem in time, troubleshooting, and ensure the normal operation of machine.

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