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The production of dendrobium pill

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The production of dendrobium pill

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Dendrobium, one of the orchid plants, is mainly distributed in tropical and subtropical Asia, Australia and Pacific islands, most of which are located in southwest, south China and Taiwan. The main varieties of dendrobium are dendrobium, dendrobium, and drumstick dendrobium. The drug, called dendrobium, has the effect of relieving the deficiency of heat and improving the Yin. Functional main treatment: yiwei shengjin, nourishing Yin and heat. It is used for the deficiency of the wound, the mouth dry and thirsty, the food is dry and vomiting, the disease is hot, the eyes are not clear.

Usage and dosage: inside: decoction, 6 ~ 15g(double for fresh), easy to cook; Or boil cream; Or into pill or powder.

The advantages of taking Chinese medicine into pills.

Dissolution and release of drugs are slow, which can prolong the effect, reduce toxicity and irritation, and reduce adverse reactions. It can be used for the treatment of chronic diseases or after disease.

One of the ideal dosage forms of traditional Chinese medicine powder, solid, semi-solid, liquid medicine can be made into pills;

The method is simple;

The water-soluble matrix dropping pill has a quick effect.

Introduction to the function of dendrobium powder pellets.

Small pellet machine can produce honey pill, water honey pill, concentrated pill and other sticky balls.

Honey pill: a pill made with honey as a binder. Many chronic diseases, cancer patients, the most suitable. Because a lot of sugar in the honey, rich in nutrients such as organic acid, vitamin, with nourishing, cough, slow down, dryness, detoxification, etc, also contains a large amount of reducing sugar, can prevent the easy oxidation of traditional Chinese medicine composition of degeneration, and refining honey adhesive force is strong, mixed with powder pills after hardening not easily, have bigger plasticity, pills made of grain is bright and clean, moist, slow disintegration, efficacy lasting, is a kind of very good adhesive.

Water honey pill: a pill made with honey and water as binder. The water honey pill is made of honey with rich nutrition, which is the adhesive of water refining, and it can save honey, reduce cost and store easily. Therefore, the tonic pill is made of honey pill, which is made of honey water as a binder. Currently, the application is more common, especially in the humid provinces in the south, producing more water honey pills.

Concentrated pellet: the decoction of a drug or part of a drug or a pill that is concentrated into an extract and made with a suitable excipient or powder. Small size, easy to take. Concentrated pellets are higher in the production of materials and machines than other pills, but they are better than other pills.

Operation process of dendrobium powder pellets.

The production process of the small pellet machine is: preparing materials, mixing materials, kneading materials, pressing cake, rubbing strip, making pellets.

1. Preparation: prepare materials for pellets, adhesives (honey water), trays, and rubber gloves (note: the powder of materials should be around 80 eyes).

2. Mixing materials: mix the prepared materials with the adhesive (honey water) into the tray.

3. Knead material: knead the material in the pallet and knead the material together with the adhesive (honey water) to the degree of non-sticky hand.

4. Pressing cake: open the machine, and put the kneading material into the extruded slot with the words "squeeze" on the dz-20a electric machine, and extrude the material into a pancake shape.

5. Rub: the material that is pressed into pancake shape is placed on the dz-20a electric machine with the "rubbing" in the groove, and the material is twisted into strips.

6. Pellet: a pill can be made in the pellet box marked with "pellet" on the dz-20a electric machine.

7, polishing, drying: along the clockwise rotation, remove the coating, will combine made pills, and then install the coating machine, start switch, can start the electric heating plate according to the demand at the same time, the pill polishing and drying. (the polishing time is usually 2-3 minutes, and the polishing time can be extended according to the actual situation of the material.)

8. Out of the pot: when the pill is finished, turn off the power switch, remove the wrapper, and pour out the pill.

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