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The maintenance of Chinese medicine pellet machine

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The maintenance of Chinese medicine pellet machine

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Chinese medicine pellet machine can produce honey pill, concentrated pill, water honey pill, water pill, pellet food, can also wrap clothes and dry. Make the pills into a uniform look. Especially suitable for small companies, large and medium-sized pharmaceutical factory test room, institute of Chinese medicine, hospitals and private clinics, Chinese medicine, rare tonic outlets at the scene, the machine adopt stainless steel, in line with the GMP standard. However, in reality, we need to finish the cleaning work in a timely manner, which can not only prolong the service life of the pellet machine, but also ensure the cleaning and hygiene of the next pellet.

Please clean the inside and dry after using the traditional Chinese medicine pellet machine.

1, the system of traditional Chinese medicine pill machine when using the most appropriate environmental temperature is 5 ℃ to 40 ℃, relative humidity is less than 90%. There is no conductive dust and corrosive metal gas around, in a ventilated, clean position.

2. During operation, the working table shall have no other irrelevant items. Pelletizing machine mounted on a flat surface, in the case of that power supply voltage, the power source should be close to the mesa, power socket must have reliable grounding line, it is strictly prohibited to pull the power cord, pull to prevent human overturned, broken pellet machine and other accidents;

3. After use, remove the inner hexagon screw and open it in the upper and lower parts of the roller, remove the four rollers and clean with the medical alcohol. Or according to the need to replace the different specifications of the roller, can be installed as shown here.

4. When rubbing with alcohol, the main power supply must be cut off and the power plug should be pulled out to avoid personal accidents.

5, in operation, it is strictly prohibited to use hand and hair brush or other tools to contact pellet rollers and a clutch roller, to avoid the injured finger, it is strictly prohibited in the supreme cover shell, gear box cover, under the protection of the current processing pellet, avoid unnecessary accidents.

6. If the power cord is damaged (such as exposed wire, etc.), special power cord must be used. To the local office maintenance department to purchase the replacement. If the switch or socket fails, the use must be stopped, and the change of the line shall be strictly prohibited. The opening or socket of the same specification should be replaced in time to avoid mechanical and personal accidents.

7. After use, do not do cleaning and maintenance will reduce the performance of the work, affecting all aspects, so after the use of simple to do a maintenance, can avoid the occurrence of failure.

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