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The latest treatment of common problems of filling machine

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The latest treatment of common problems of filling machine

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The filling machine is widely used in the current agricultural packaging equipment. It can be used to form the production line with the rotary cover machine and the labeling machine. Recently, I have been in contact with a number of new questions about the filling machine in the telephone for customer service. After sorting and summarizing, I have provided the following solutions for customers with similar problems:

one. Automatic operation without filling.

1. Failure phenomenon: after the machine is started, after the operation is in place, it will not be filled.

2. Possible causes of failure :1. 2. Photoelectric damage of lower lower limit; 3. Equipment parameter setting error; 4. 5. The filling function of the material can be opened. 6 cylinder cylinder not typed.

3. Solutions and methods:

First: diving function during the process of the automatic operation under the condition of open, check that the lower limit of a photoelectric and photoelectric position - when diving cylinders dropped to the lowest position, mobile photoelectric descend floor, ensure descend floor photoelectric indicator. If the photoelectric indicator does not light up, it is necessary to check whether the photoelectric circuit of the lower lower limit is normal. If the line is normal, it indicates that the photoelectric has been damaged and needs to be replaced.

Second, check whether the parameters in the touch screen are set incorrectly when running automatically -- check whether the filling head is set correctly in the parameter setting; Check whether the filling volume is set to exceed the target filling quantity; Check whether the initial irrigation delay is too long; Check whether the filling capacity of filling measurement page is set.

Third: automatic operation, when the movement is in place, check whether there is a bottle in the photoelectric place of the bottle -- adjust the position of the photoelectric switch, and make sure that the bottle is blocked in the bottle when it is running automatically.

Fourth: view the alarm interface, liquid level lower limit alarm - if you don't call the police, see the cylinder material adequacy, if not enough, will check whether the liquid level detector circuit is abnormal, if the line is normal, check whether the contact of the PLC corresponding to the damage, if the PLC contact is normal, then damage level detector.

Fifth: check to see if the cylinder is fired after the automatic operation is in place. If did not play the card bottle cylinder, manual test for a job card cylinder valves, if you don't work, check whether the pressure is normal, the relevant lines if fall off or loose, if the above checks are no exception, check whether the contact of the PLC corresponding damage, if the PLC contact normal suggests that the body is damaged.

two. The servo motor cannot work.

1. Fault phenomenon: when automatic filling, the servo motor does not move.

2. Possible causes of failure :1 mechanical failure; 2. The servo motor driver and encoder are abnormal.

3. Solutions and methods:

First: check whether the synchronous belt on the side of the servo motor has the phenomenon of jumping teeth; Check whether the screw on the upper side of the servo motor is abnormal.

Second: check whether the servo drive has abnormal alarm:

1. Reset the relevant parameters of the servo drive to avoid the negative logic of the position pulse command.

2 alarm code associated with the encoder, servo drives, check the servo drive connected to the encoder wire is loose or fall off, such as the circuit is normal, the servo drive related alarm has not been lifted, and shows a hardware failure (such as encoder failure, damage of servo driver interface, etc.).

3. Check whether the voltage of the side servo driver is normal.

4. Check whether the line of the servo driver connected to PLC is loose or detached, and check whether the corresponding contact of PLC is damaged.

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