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Safe operation procedure for automatic filling machine.

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Safe operation procedure for automatic filling machine.

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The production efficiency of our enterprise is improved by the production of mechanized operation, and the production scale of the enterprise is increased. We also cannot ignore the importance of safe operation in the process of production operation, many of the news reports of plant explosion had to let us reflect on events such as fire casualties, the importance of safe operation. Today, the zhongheng weighing machine is the safe operation procedure for the automatic liquid filling machine.

one. basic parameters:

1, check before use: the machine is installed, connected to the power supply, commissioning three-phase motor, ensure the running in the right direction, to ensure that the pressure and flow of compressed air, check the motor, bearings, such as whether to need to add lubricant, it is strictly prohibited without oil, normal rear can start the machine, observe each part fasteners for loose at the same time, for each part is in stable condition after the operation, can the normal use;

2. Check whether the safety facilities function is normal;

3, carefully before starting to check whether there is water, all water tank chain plate or jammed, conveyor belt whether there is sundry, chu cover if there is a cap in the oven, water, electricity, gas is a few barrels, after being all play ah you ready, in close the main power supply, the power indicator light is lit, failure indicator, stop light is not bright, and the starting condition, press the start button on the control box and filling the start switch, after three buzzer warning, the machine is up and running, into the wash, washing, filling automatic works, downtime can be in in filling and press the stop button control box, and down to turn off the main power supply.

two. Use of safety rules:

1. No foreign body (such as tools, rags, etc.) in the equipment of liquid filling machine;

2. The liquid filling machine is not allowed to have abnormal noise (if there is an immediate stop, check the reason);

3. All the protective objects shall be safe and reliable. It is forbidden to wear foreign objects (such as scarves, bracelets, watches, etc.) that may be hung by moving parts.

4. Hair mask should be carried on the staff with long hair;

5. Do not clean electrical units with water and other liquids;

6. Wear overalls, gloves and eyes to prevent the corrosion of strong acid and strong alkali;

7. When running, someone must monitor it, and do not use tools or other objects to approach the machine;

8. Do not let the personnel who are not involved in the operation approach the equipment.

three. Maintenance and maintenance:

1. Regular inspection and maintenance: check the starting components such as cylinder, solenoid valve, speed adjustment and electrical part every month. Can be adjusted by manual inspection method to check the quality and reliability, cylinder mainly check whether leakage and card lag phenomenon, electromagnetic valve can be manually forced action to IP segment is electromagnetic coil burned and the valve plug, electrical parts may be a control input and output signal lamp to test, such as check whether the switch element is damaged, the line is break line, an output device is working correctly.

2. Daily construction and maintenance: whether the motor runs normally, whether the safety environment is normal and the cooling system is abnormal. Whether there is abnormal vibration or abnormal sound; Abnormal overheat and discoloration occur.

four. Precautions:

1. The motor and chassis must be grounded, and the zero line and the bottom line should be separated;

2. The incoming line of the machine should be introduced by leakage switch;

3. Pneumatic three components require special lubricating oil to extend the service life of the cylinder;

4. Water mercury is strictly prohibited to operate without water. In the course of operation, we should pay attention to the water supply of alkaline water tank and disinfection water tank, and ensure the supply of clean water.

five. equipment cleaning requirements:

1. Clean the nozzle, pipe, conveyor belt and water tank of the equipment before and after work every day;

2. Wash the filling equipment and pipes with sterilized water regularly every week, and then rinse the equipment with process water after disinfection;

3. The operator shall record and save the disinfection cleaning process.

The automatic filling machine should strictly follow the safety operation procedures above to carry out safety operation and maintenance, and reduce our accident potential to the lowest. Improve production safety and plant production efficiency.

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