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Liquid automatic filling machine is more automatic and intelligent with industrial development

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Liquid automatic filling machine is more automatic and intelligent with industrial development

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The liquid filling machine is still in a lower level of intelligent primary stage, the domestic chemical industry development puts forward higher requirements on intelligence, which means that it is necessary to also have the ability to meet the needs of specific application of pneumatic develop the advanced intelligent filling technology. The rapid development of modern science and technology progress, let our life has been full steps into automatic intelligent era, with the continuous popularization of the automation, automatic filling machine, great changes have taken place in chemical raw materials and is filling machinery equipment industry one of the largest market segment, filling machine equipment production of the main chemical products is the growth of the whole line, a high degree of automation, compared with the previous filling machine equipment, its operation more simple, realize the filling machine is a key to the real operation, not only improve the efficiency of the enterprise production, also for the enterprise to reduce labor costs. In modern packaging filling machine, filling their attention more accurate, more efficient, and get the recognition of major chemical enterprises, and effectively promote the enterprise product sales, to help the rapid development of manufacturing enterprises, the emergence of automation, convenient production and convenient life, better promote the development of the society, automation, and also let us filling machine enterprise benefit, greatly improve the filling machine equipment technology, performance and quality, promote the development of filling machine industry. With the modern industry's requirement for liquid filling machine, the multi-function development trend of automatic filling machine is inevitable. The current filling machinery is widely used in the development, design and manufacture of chemical raw material filling. , its development trend is to improve the automation of the stand-alone, improve the automatic control level of the whole bottling production line, production capacity, can greatly improve the quality of chemical filling production equipment, improve the domestic and international competition ability. Automatic filling machine and labeling machine, sealing machine, stacking units into a dragon production line, the container after liquid filling filler material to sealing machine for sealing packaging, labeling machines, labeling, and finally by the stacker crane automatic pallet, it improves the production efficiency, at the same time to create more benefits.

Promote the use of fully automatic filling machine, improve the efficiency of the enterprise! For the filling machine, the expansion of domestic chemical industry market and the emergence of new varieties have brought great opportunities and challenges. The domestic filling machinery production industry must accelerate the transformation and upgrading, and vigorously promote the automation and intelligent level of products to meet the demand of the higher end product equipment market. In order to cater to "public entrepreneurship, peoples innovation" the era of wave, and automation equipment co., LTD., chengdu focus on automatic filling machine, automatic filling production line, semi-automatic filling machine, such as research and development manufacturing and production. Relying on the strong technical ability, research and development ability, to provide customers with efficient and convenient professional services, has a broad influence in the industry.

Automatic filling machine widely used in chemical industry, food, medicine and chemical industries. Based on PLC and HMI automatic filling machine, the performance is accurate and reliable. It has achieved good economic benefits in reforming old equipment, production line and substitute imported products. System composition and control method of automatic filling process:

(1) PLC select PLC to use 220V ac power supply, input 24 point relay contact, output is 16, external input power is inside the machine, and the memory program circulates scanning control. The analog quantity input module and high speed counting module can be configured on the PLC. The analog quantity input module is the monitoring of instantaneous flow, and the high-speed counting module is used as the flow measurement.

(2) peripheral equipment USES RS232 communication or RS485 communication mode to connect with the upper computer, and the external input device has photoelectric switch, proximity switch, button and so on. External output devices include contactor, solenoid valve, indicator light, etc.

(3)HMI (human-machine interface)HMI and PLC are connected by serial port. HMI can be used to change or set PLC data to directly control the operation of the equipment. HMI displays the internal data of PLC in a variety of different ways, and the results of the display will change with the actual data of the PLC. Edit various images to display device status, operation instruction, parameter setting, action flow, statistic data, alarm message, summary report, etc. When the alarm occurs, the alarm condition is set up, and the HMI will immediately display relevant information or summary report and other important records.

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