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Customers in the choice of automatic quantitative liquid filling machine should specify these points!

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Customers in the choice of automatic quantitative liquid filling machine should specify these points!

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Many customers often ask you when they buy a liquid filling machine. Instead of consulting technology first, services and setup.

Stability and so on. We all know the customer's filling materials, material properties, packaging specifications, and so on. The following

Describes how to select the filling machine.

Our company mainly consists of five series GAF-10(1-10kg),GAF-30 (10-30kg),GAF- 100(30-100kg),GAF-300 (100-300k).

G), GAF-1500 (300-1500kg), IBC ton barrels. When the customer chooses the automatic quantitative liquid filling machine, the following points should be clearly defined:

1. It is necessary to specify what materials to fill, whether the material is corrosive, the viscosity density is large, whether it is crystallized, whether there is a bubble, whether it is flammable and explosive, etc.;

2. Packing bucket capacity, shape and size (long and wide), the inner diameter of the packing barrel is the best, and the picture of the packaging bucket;

3. Filling speed, filling quantity, filling accuracy and other information;

4. Type of filling gun: short tubular/long tube type/bucket type; Material of the gun: sus304/316 /PTFE/ others;

5. Whether the filling machine is explosion-proof design, whether it is selected and equipped with air cover, whether it is selected for nitrogen protection?

6. Weighing platform optional free roller type, power roller type, platform type, material with carbon steel galvanized /SUS304/ other etc.

7. The feed form is the gravity self-flow or the feed pump, and finally the confirmation of the delivery cycle.

When we understand and determine the customer's above parameters and requirements, we can select the customers and provide the most reasonable automatic quantification for customers.

Liquid filling machine equipment design scheme and quotation.

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