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Concept and classification of drug packaging

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Concept and classification of drug packaging

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Concept and classification of drug packaging.

Pharmaceutical packaging is refers to the process for drugs in the transport, storage, management and use of protection, classification, and illustrate the role of, choose appropriate packaging material or container, using appropriate packaging technology to drug or pharmaceutical preparations in points (tank), sealing, pack and label the floorboard of the machining process. Packaging is a series of tasks that are required for the research, production and use of packaging materials for packaging materials.

The packaging of drugs is mainly divided into single-dose packaging, inner packing and outer packing.

1. Single-dose packaging.

It refers to the process of dispensing the drug according to the purpose and method of drug delivery. If the granules are packed in small packaging bags, the glass bottles of injection are packed, and the packaging process of the tablets and capsules can be packed in the aluminum plastic materials.

2. The inner packing

The process of packing several or dozens of drugs into a container or material is called an inner packing. If the number of grain product packaging tablets or capsules of bubble type aluminum-plastic packaging materials, and then in cartons, plastic bags, metal containers, etc., to prevent moisture, light, microorganism and outside force impact on drug damage and impact.

3. The outer packing

The process of packaging a container of medicine that has already been packed into a container or bag, bucket, and pot is called outer packing. The purpose of the packaging is to further concentrate small packages of drugs in larger containers for the storage and transportation of drugs.

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