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People rely on clothes and clothes to rely on packaging excellent packaging machine recommendations

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People rely on clothes and clothes to rely on packaging excellent packaging machine recommendations

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The packaging machine is the machine that wraps the product, the function that protects, beautiful. The packaging machine is mainly divided into two parts:

1. Assembly line integral production packaging, used in food, medicine, chemical industry (bagged, bottled) product filling (filling), sealing machine, typing code. Mainly include: liquid (paste) filling machine, pillow packaging machine, powder particle packaging machine, bag automatic packaging machine. 2. Product peripheral packaging equipment, used for the production of products, spraying (typing) production date, sealing, shrinking film and so on. Mainly include: filling machine, sealing machine, spraying machine, packing machine, vacuum machine, shrinking machine, vacuum packaging machine, etc.

Product introduction 1: new particle automatic packaging machine dxdk60/80e.

New particle automatic packaging machine dxdk60/80e.


Used for packaging pesticides, veterinary drugs, seeds, Chinese medicine, feed, desiccant, salt, monosodium glutamate, soup, tea and other free flowing granular products. Replaceable volume cup and precise control to make the product packaging both reliable and practical. The volumetric packing machine has the advantages of fast, accurate, economical and practical. By changing the thermal structure, the packaging can be made into three edges, four edges and back seals. The user can also choose stainless steel case or ordinary steel box body.

Technical features:

1. The machine adopts the liquid crystal display in Chinese and English, and the operation instructions are clear. The menu - based operation interface is very simple and convenient.

2. Adopt CPU centralized control system, intelligent photoelectric positioning, strong anti-interference, and two consecutive bags of cursor abnormality namely stop alarm.

3. With the function of positioning stop, the packaging material with color mark can be automatically shut down when the packaging material is finished.

4. Fully automatic measurement of the length of the packaging bag without the need to manually participate in the length setting of the packaging film.

5. Intelligent fault diagnosis and automatic display error location in Chinese (e.g., photoelectric error, trip error, etc.).

6. The intelligent temperature control device has a double control of the horizontal and vertical sealing mold, and the double rotating arm is sealed and the thermal effect is better.

7. The new shaking device can be raised up and down, left and right rotating machine head, easy to disassemble and clean the barrel, easy to operate.

8. The newly designed integrated electric cutting knife can be cut in N bags, which can avoid the phenomenon of card bag. The cutter is durable and can adjust the position of the cutter when the machine is running.

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